• DRB ADT - Anti Detracking Technology

    With the development of the new NST (New Standard) track generation, DRB introduced an ADT design feature for some of its tracks. ADT stands for "anti detracking technology" and is extremely reliable in preventing rubber tracks from jumping off.
    This is ensured by advanced anti-detracking steel cores stopping three-axis movements in the running rubber track. This product feature will make it 70% less likely for DRB rubber tracks to jump off.
    In many cases, rubber tracks come off as a result of inadequate manoeuvres or track tension. Unfortunately, it may seriously damage the inner workings of the track. In extreme cases, it can even lead to overstretching the steel cords and, consequently, to tearing the track. The larger and heavier a track the more annoying and time-consuming it is to reinstall it when it has come off—an effect that, thanks to ADT rubber tracks, is now a thing of the past.
    Our European partners can make use of this extremely reliable technical innovation without any extra charge. If you use TAGEX for replacing your tracks, we grant you an additional 3-year warranty for your track.

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