• Biomass Heating

    NMT Catalytic Wood Gasifier HVG - II

    The advantages of biomass heating lie in the reduction on the reliance of other limited natural resources such as oil and gas. In areas where wood is abundant, modern high efficient fireplaces and stoves provide a cost effective alternative.
    To achieve maximum burn of carbon containing smoke, temperatures of 540°C are required. Such temperatures are only possible through permanent full burn and continuous use of the boiler which is inefficient and impractical. The answer to this dilemma is a second burn. A catalytic converter inside the boiler is pre-warmed and the entire precious metal surface begins to glow. Smoke gas that comes into contact with the surface is ignited at temperatures as low as 90°C. As a result of the catalytic second burn smoke gas is reduced to steam and carbon dioxide.
    The integrated ST81 controller has the following functions:
    • Modular performance adjustment based on tank,  boiler and exhaust gas temperatures
    • Delta-T  function
    • Management of the boiler loading pump(Return temperature control)
    • Delta-T function: Tank, Boiler
    • Temperature and function display