At the turn of the year 2007/2008, DRB's development department started working on a large-scale product campaign.
    This resulted in the NST (New Standard), a new generation of tracks with unprecedented characteristics. One major objective here was to equip the DRB tracks—using intense benchmarkings from the in-house test course—for large-scale, worldwide use in the discerning OEM business.
    The DRB engineers took a fundamental and systematic, rather than a selective approach to the updating of their products. They conducted preliminary field surveys, e.g., among TAGEX customers in Europe, to gather and analyse data. They questioned major customers about their specific requests; they addressed known problem areas in a targeted manner. Even the smallest detail was thoroughly examined for improvement potential.
    For months the engineers used their in-house test course to examine 8 slightly modified treads of the interchangeable 300-series tracks to filter out the one track that proved to be the most resistant in long-term operation.
    The New Standard rubber tracks now excel not only in their improved treads but also in:
    • Re-designed and specially reinforced edges ("Super Edge"),
    • Re-modified, particularly resistant rubber compounds
    • Innovative anti-detracking steel cores
    • Systematic reinforcements, such as the core neck, the base, and the outer edges
    With this new generation of rubber tracks, DRB is setting new, impressive standards around the world.
    Please also check our S.M.A.R.T brochure for additional information

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