• TAGEX Germany" drive belts - High-quality OEM grade

    The "TAGEX Germany" drive belts for agricultural machinery are manufactured in high-quality OEM grade in various production facilities.
    For ease of understanding and use by our customers, all "TAGEX Germany" drive belts for agricultural machinery are marked with the OEM spare part number. The range comprises more than 2.500 different spare parts numbers and is adjusted to the demand of the spare part market by us every year.
    TAGEX has been operating in this industry since 1984 and therefore has long-term ecperience and comprehensive know-how.
    Our product is characterised by:
    • OEM quality
    • Marking with OEM spare part number
    • Stock covering the full range
    • Maximum availability in the requested quantity
    • High flexibility due to several production facilities
    • Premium service by our competend qualified personnel

    Belt types

    TAGEX Germany drive belts for agricultural machinery are delivered in OEM qualities. This is shown by the fact that the belts are marked with OEM numbers. The different belt types are characterised as follows:
    Variator belts - entire profile is wrapped
    These belts have a round shape and their bottom section is reinforced with additional fabric layers (laminated) against lateral pressure.

    Variator belts - raw-edged and toothed
    This design is required for short belt and small pulley diameters, in particular. The toothing makes the belts flexible and more heat-resistant. The laminate increases the resistance against lateral pressure.

    Variator belts - raw-edge and double-toothed
    Due to the external toothing, the belt is able to tolerate even higher lateral pressure while remaining flexible.

    Belt drives
    These belts are characterised by their flexibility when reverse idler pulleys are used for clutch drives. The traction cords are positioned as close to the centre as possible and are further supported by special rubber mixed with a fibre content.

    Fan belts
    Fan belts come in different qualities and designs like all other belts for agricultural machines. They also supported with cords in order to improve their use for drives with reverse idler pulleys and for clutch drives.