• TASOL Photovoltaic Systems

    The sun is the most abundant source of energy available to mankind. The energy received on earth from the sun in one hour is more than the global population can consume during that period. A TASOL photovoltaic system can help you tap into this free source of energy. High and increasing energy costs combined with the current cost of PV mean that in countries with high solar irradiation photovoltaic systems are economically feasible even without feed-in tariffs. Contact TASOL and find out how we can help you save on energy costs.
    Your advantages:
    • Independence from increasing energy costs
    • Increased property value
    • Environmentally friendly

    From panel to cable clip

    Our product range includes German and Chinese PV panel manufacturers who offer a 10 year Manufacturers Guarantee together with a 25 year performance guarantee. We offer mono- and polycrystalline panels as well as monocrystalline panel with a black background and frame for a more aesthetic look. To convert solar electricity into useable energy for your home or business only inverters of the highest quality and latest technology are available and to ensure that your PV installation stays in place for the next 25+ years, our mounting structures are sourced exclusively from experienced and qualified manufacturers with a proven track record.

    From the Photovoltaic panel to the nuts and bolts

    Take advantage of the immense and unlimited energy of the sun to produce your own heat and electricity. The TAGEX catalogue includes all components required to install a solar system on your roof or property with first class quality and adequate guarantees and key characteristics. Our technicians will assist you in the design of your system to ensure that all components are perfectly integrated into your specific project.




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