Special applications often require customised solutions. In this section you will find a selection of such special tracks and current developments. We are always interested in developing customised solutions – please contact us.

    KTL - Series

    A special feature of the KTL tracks is the extra high tractor profile. The pronounced tread blocks provide excellent traction in hilly areas. This track is designed for extreme inclinations and also ensures that no damage is caused to sensitive ground. The anti-twist body structure prevents the track from skipping off. This technology together with careful processing of the KTL rubber tracks ensure long service life, a comfortable ride and – of course – extreme traction.



    S-Lug stands for a smooth ride. The bi-directional and quiet-running tread rolls continuously over the steel cores. This provides a relatively large footprint, resulting in a very comfortable and vibration-free rolling of the rubber track. The necks of the steel inserts are protected reliably by the S shaped tread. Due to the large footprint and overall very robust design, this track is ideal for higher machine weights, surpassing other tracks in its class.



    CTL - Tracks for Mini Loaders

    Just like their big "brothers", mini loaders are constantly on the move and their rubber tracks must be able to withstand heavy loads. The special mini loader tracks have been purposely designed for high speeds, permanent changes of direction and high operating loads. The large surface area of these tracks together with their sturdy construction make them resistant to abrasion, cuts and breaks.

    Hybrid Tracks

    Chain strands with pre-mounted TAGEX pads. By equipping steel track undercarriages with pads, even heavy machine works can be carried out on sensitive ground in road construction and urban places. We maintain an ever increasing choice of pre-mounted hybrid tracks for the conversion of rubber tracks into hybrid ones (roadliner tracks). These can be often changed on the chassis without any modifications. Certain machines require modifications to be carried out. We usually also have the accessories needed for this.

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