• Universa 2010/16 - The Energy Efficient Underfloor Heating System

    Underfloor heating supplies evenly distribute warmth without draft effects. Warmth rises from the entire floor surface providing a comfortable room climate while the dynamic weather response distribution system ensures optimum water temperature and energy efficiency.
    Heat from the underfloor heating pipes is transferred to the room via the floor creating an evenly distributed temperature in the entire room. On the right you see a thermography picture of an underfloor heating system.
    • Lower system costs through reduced material
    • Low operation and maintenance costs
    • Optimal system controllability
    • Free choice of installation positions
    • No draft effects
    • Energy efficient through lower operating temperature
    • Ideal for new, well insulated buildings

    Distribution Manifold

    The Universa 2010/16 distribution manifold consists of insulated plastic and is temperature resistant up to 70°C. The modular nature of the manifold allows for easy expansion to suit your requirements. Fitted with Topmeters and flow meters to regulate and monitor flow rate manually(in l/min). 6/4” Connection for easy connection to standard pumps (accessories available for connecting different size pipes to the manifold). The Push-in socket connection is compatible with all 16mm diameter pipes that comply with European Norm standards.

    Individual heating control

    Underfloor heating is controlled by a room thermostat which operates a thermal actuator for each heating circuit, allowing each room to be individually controlled.