• TASOL SKSW Multifunction Hygiene Tank

    The TASOL multifunction tank is designed to generate hot water on demand thereby eliminating conditions that allow bacteria to grow and ensuring safe, hygienic water. A complete separation of domestic hot water means the tank can be used for water based heating systems as well; stratification channels optimise the layering of return flow from the heating system. A generous number of connection ports allow for the connection of multiple heat sources and for increased heat storage capacity multiple tanks can be connected in series or parallel.
    • Vertical DHW storage tank with 1 heat exchanger
    • 3 bar
    • Stratified return channels for optimum stratification of heating circuit return flows
    • Flexible temp. sensor positioning via terminal strip
    • Integrated stainless steel DHW heat exchanger
    • 100mm Polyline fleece  insulation with polystyrene top layer incl. floor insulation

    TASOL ESS-PU Solar Storage

    • Vertical DHW storage tank with 2 heat exchangers
    • 10 bar
    • Enamelled interior
    • Magnesium protection anode
    • Temp. sensor sleeve
    • 1½” Socket to retrofit an electrical element
    • 50mm PU rigid foam insulation
    • Thermometer included

    Technical Data

    Storage capacity: 500 litres
    Diameter: 750mm
    Height: 1783mm
    Heat exchanger heating Surface top/bottom: 1,2m² / 1,8m²
    Heat exchanger water content top/bottom: 7,5l / 11,3l
    Flow top/bottom: 1,4m³/h / 2,4m³/h
    Heat exchanger heating capacity (10°/80°/45°) top/bottom: 830l/h / 33,8kW
    Heat exchanger heating capacity (10°/80°/45°) top/bottom: 1400l/h / 57kW
    Max. Storage temp/Pressure.: 95°C/10bar
    Max. heat exchanger temp./pressure: 160°C/25bar