• TASOL Inverter

    TASOL Hybrid Solar 3.6 UNA - Your all in one solar power solution

    Grid-connected inverters cannot function during power failures so even though solar electricity is available it cannot be accessed. The TASOL smart inverter solves this dilemma by disconnecting from the grid and going into off-grid mode and converting DC electricity from batteries to AC electricity. When solar is available the inverter ensures that batteries are charged and your home receives all the power it requires by drawing power from the grid if necessary. Multiple operating modes with different priorities provide the user with enough options to satisfy virtually any requirement. For prolonged power failures a diesel generator can be connected to the smart inverter to provide an additional source of power.

    How does the 3.6 UNA Hybrid Solar system work?

    1. During the day
    It first uses solar power whilst the sun is shining. Only additional power required is drawn from the grid. At the same time it assures that batteries are changed.
    2. During the evening
    It will discharge batteries to a certain capacity allowing you to benefit from the power generated during the day first, then switch over to the grid to draw power. This also ensures that battery life is protected.
    3. During power autages
    The battery bank will immediately supply power until depleted. Depending on the size of your system, you can have a minimum of 2,4 kWh Peak back up power and a maximum of 7,2 kWh Peak at a 50 % discharge. Once the battery back-up is depleted and you have a generator connected it will switch over to that power source.
    • Easy to install (plug and play)
    • Grid - tied, hybrid or off grid capability
    • Built in MPPT charge controller
    • Setting to charge and discharge batteries for optimal power options
    • Can be connected to a back up generator for additional power options
    • Software allows energy generation reports to be downloaded

    TASOL Grid Connected Inverter

    Grid-connected systems do not require batteries and are as a result less complex and more cost effective. Direct current from the panels is converterd into high quality alternating current for direct consumption or export to the grid. In areas where net-metering is allowed or feed-in tariffs are available it is possible to reduce your net energy costs to virtually zero.

    TASOL panels carry a 10 year manufacturers warranty

    Generating your own electricity for self consumption also helps to protect you from increasing energy costs and since sunshine is free your input costs are zero. TASOL panels carry a 10 year manufacturers warranty and 25 year performance guarantee while German engineered mounting systems ensure that the panels remain securely fitted for their entire lifespan.