TAGEX – Rubber Tracks for Carrier und Dumper

Like their big siblings, the loader tracks, rubber tracks for carriers and dumpers are constantly in motion, whereby the stress is comparatively homogeneous. A lightweight and flexible structure and reinforcements in the right places are therefore particularly important to prevent you having to purchase a new excavator track at short intervals.

As the general importer of DRB products for Europe, we stock high-quality, high-performance rubber tracks that can be operated many times longer than those from other companies. DRB is one of the leading manufacturers of all types of rubber tracks, e.g. excavator tracks and skit steer loader tracks. The dumper and carrier tracks from DRB are characterised in particular by their comparatively low weight and abrasion-resistant and high-traction profiles. These improved profiles result in optimised weight distribution, lower ground pressure and therefore greater driving comfort.

Even if the carriers and dumpers themselves are often very powerful, the rapid wear of the rubber tracks causes problems. DRB’s loader and excavator tracks are constantly being extensively tested and revised. A series of tests are carried out with different profile types to find out which profile has the best properties and is the most resistant. You benefit from these intensive tests in the long term, as DRB’s carrier and dumper tracks are far more durable and long-lasting than rubber tracks from other manufacturers. Although DRB tracks are initially more expensive than others, their long service life makes them an important and worthwhile investment for you.